Ella Grace Estate Consulting provides exciting shopping experiences that excite, inspire, and emotionally engage patrons to buy. The result is the highest market value return for your personal property.

Our business model is transparent by design. From the first meeting to the final payment, you will know what is coming at every step of the way. No upfront investment, no hidden fees, and our competitive commission of 35% is deducted from the gross sales total.

As your dedicated partners, we are committed to making your transition an easy one. We manage all aspect of the estate sale by analyzing your unique circumstances and developing benchmarked goals to best suit your objectives. Our turn-key service frees your energy and time from details involved in what you’re leaving behind allowing you to focus on the future. We pride ourselves on achieving the highest level of service and results with detailed perfection.

Other services we provide:


We prepare your residence for the real estate market with disposal of items that are not of donation quality, leaving the home bare and broom-clean. When additional cleaning is requires, a variety of ‘move out’ cleaning services are available to assist you in preparing the home for occupancy.


Your valuables deserve to fetch the highest prices the market will bear. Our team of experts can tell you what your items are worth and give you the information you need to decide whether or not to sell.


One of the most stressful things about losing a loved one is what to do with the contents of the estate, in particular when a plan is not made ahead of time. We can help the interested parties reach a fair and equitable arrangement while remaining compassionate and respectful.


We love estate sales, but they aren’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean you don’t have items to get sold, though! We can get your items sold or otherwise removed without going through the process of an entire estate sale.


After your sale, you will probably need follow-up services. Whether you need a realtor, florist, funeral home, or something else, we can help you find reliable, cost-effective professionals that meet your needs.